online marketing women profile: Maria Nalbandian

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maria Nalbandian

Maria Nalbandian (born August 1, 1985) is a Lebanese Armenian singer from Beirut. She was born to a Lebanese father and an Armenian mother and has a younger brother. Currently she is studying Business Marketing. Since Maria was discovered at age 13 she has done many commercials.

She won the Miss Bikini Asia 2002 in Malta aged 17. She speaks three languages: Armenian,Arabic and English. She is known professionally as Maria. The videos for her songs, including Ela'b (Let's Play) where she sucks on lollipops and bathes in chocolate cornflakes in milk and Bahibak Ad Eh (I Love You So) she plays role of a girl in love, to date all directed by Jad Choueiri and have caused controversy for their "vulgarity". In 2008 she starred in the movie Bidoun Rakaba .

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