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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dolly Shahine

Dolly Joseph Abu Shahine commonly known as Dolly Shahine (in Arabic دوللي شاهين ) (born July 2, 1985 in Sebney, Lebanon) is a Lebanese singer, actress, fashion designer, dancer and makeup artist. She rose to fame in 2005 with her role in the Egyptian movie Wija as the femme fatale.

In 2008 speculated by rumours she drew controversy and criticism that she had converted to Islam in order to obtain a divorce from her Catholic husband, Lebanese businessman Sami Qalib. In late 2008 an Egyptian court ruled in her favor for divorce. The daughter of Joseph Chahine and a Brazilian mother, Shahine's surname can be spelled Shaheen, Chahine, or Shahin. She currently she lives in Egypt and Lebanon.

Despite unconfirmed speculations of Shahine's conversion to Islam,in late 2009 Shahine got married again to a Lebanese director called Bacchus Alwani in a Christian Melkite church and ceremony in Beirut. Shahine and Alwani went on to spend their honeymoon on a Greek Island. Shahine revealed in an interview that her favourite singers Um Kalthoum, Fayrouz, Warda and Sabah. In 2010 she publicly denied she had not converted to Islam to get a divorce.She added that she respects all religions, but has no intention of converting.

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