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Monday, December 10, 2012

Nahla Zaki

Nahla Zaki (نهلة زكى) is an Egyptian actress.she is one Of the best coming cinema stars,she has a beautiful look And a facial beauty and landscape.

‫ Nahla Zaki made ​​a number of roles in the Egyptian cinema has appeared in the film Nems Bond in the role of Azza wife and the role of wife the same actor in the movie Omar and Salma 2.Also took the role in the movie darling asleep.she had its beginnings with bey romantic film In late 2010

The artist also participated in the Miss Beach held in Egypt, was among 20 girls won,she won the Contest. including .tha paragraph swimsuits scene has been deleted in order to preserve the Islamic customs and traditions.

her works:
Bonn Soiree
Bey romantic
Omar and Salma 2
Habibi asleep
Nems Bond

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