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Friday, February 18, 2011

Tina Lockwood

Tina Lockwood is a retired bodybuilder.when Tina has 20 years,she was more developed than men bodybuilder her age in strength and muscle mass building.

Tina is best known for her otherworldly muscle mass. She is quite possibly the most freakishly developed female bodybuilder in the history of the sport. Her calves have been measured at 20 inches, and her quadriceps development puts many male professional bodybuilders to shame.

Tina Lockwood is the girl who put men to shame because of the amount of muscle mass she has. This amazingly muscular woman is 5ft 6 inches tall and weighs 180 pounds (of solid muscle).

Tina is always regarded as the freak in female bodybuilding because her body is too well developed for a female.

Her calves alone are rumored to be 18 inches in measurement and her thighs are 30 inches. This measurement was taken when Tina was only in her early 20s.

Tina’s forearms are said to be 13 inches, her biceps 19 inches and her chest 45 inches. Even her male bodybuilder friends are green with envy.

Tina is well known for her weightlifting routines – for strength and muscle mass building. However, she has always been subjected to nasty steroid rumors because a lot of people could not bring themselves to believe that a 20 year old woman’s body is more developed than men her age.

Tina competed in various shows between 1991 and 1995. Her best placing was a victory at the 1994 NPC Jan Tana Amateur, where she won the heavyweight and overall divisions.

Tina Lockwood’s contest history is as follows:
- 1991, Iron Maiden – NPC, HeavyWeight (2nd placing)
- 1994, Jan Tana Amateur – NPC, HeavyWeight (1st placing)
- 1994, Jan Tana Amateur – NPC (Overall Winner)
- 1995, USA Championships – NPC, HeavyWeight (10th placing)

Tina also made the cover of Women’s Physique World Magazine in 1998 along with Kris Alexander and Sharon Marvel. This was pretty much Tina’s last appearance in the bodybuilding world.

HEIGHT: 5'5"
WEIGHT: 169lb
CHEST: 45"
QUADS: 27.5"

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