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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Liane Dufresne

Liane Dufresne, was a World Champion on armwrestler.With biceps of 16 and one-half inches, even the men have difficult against her.

According to a Women's Physique Publication article her biceps were 16.25" at a bodyweight of 180 lbs (her height is 5'7"). She has always been strong. The same WPP article mentions that she entered a wheelbarrow race at the age of 13 winning that event by carrying (pushing) a 800 lbs wheelbarrow. Another source claims that she pushed an over 1000 lbs wheelbarrow. Liane has won numerous armwrestling world championship titles. Latest is from 1997 WAF World Armwrestling Championships held last December in India. She won the women's left handed 80 kg division and was second in the right handed 80 kg division. Her sister Sylvie is also a world class armwrestler.

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