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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lyen Wong

Lyen Wong, born August 5, 1974 in Matanzas, Cuba, is a German-Cuban fitness athlete. Since her competitive debut in 2005, she has won a number of national and international titles in the fitness and figure categories.

Wong's maternal grandparents hail from the Basque Country in Spain, while her father is of Chinese Cuban and Afro-Cuban descent. She has graduated from the "Universidad de Matanzas Camilo Cienfuegos" where she studied English Literature, attaining the title "Licenciada" in 1997. Before moving to Europe in 2001, first to Madrid/Spain and, in 2003, to Düsseldorf/Germany, she worked as a fitness trainer in the Cuban beach resort of Varadero.

Wong has participated in fitness competitions for the NAC Germany association since 2005. She has won the NAC Germany German championship and German Intl. championship in the Miss Fitness category. Wong has also won the Miss Universe title of NAC International in the Shape category, as well as other national and international titles.

Wong works as a Personal Trainer and has been certified by the American Council on Exercise since 2003. She currently lives with her husband in Miami, Florida. Since 2010, she participates in Figure competitions in the US.

Personal Info
Birth : August 5, 1974
Matanzas, Cuba
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Professional Career
Pro-debut : Miss Fitness, regional West German championships, 2005
Best win : Miss Universe Shape NABBA Intl. Inc., 2005
Successor : Dora Szàntai
Active :since 2005

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