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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Astrid Muldoon

Astrid Muldoon is windsurfer.

best results
2006 PWA worldwide ranking:
5th PWA Super Cross
2005 PWA worldwide ranking:
6th PWA Super Cross
9th PWA Freestyle
13th PWA Wave
2004 : Vice Champion Overall =1st in Freestyle & 2nd in Waves - AFW
1st in the Wave Contest Magic Expression
2003: Vice Champion in Waves - AFW
1st Wave Contest Magic Expression
1st in the Wave-Freestyle Event “Naish Wave Party”
2001: 22nd Overall in the Wave-Freestyle Event “Naish Wave Party”
2000: 5th in Freestyle “Hookipa/Maui Frenzy Freestyle Competition”
1999: 1st in Freestyle “Freestyle Contest Isla Margarita/Venezuela”
1st in Slalom & Course Race “Margarita Hi-Winds”
1998: 3rd in Slalom & Course Race “Cabarete Race Week”
3rd in Slalom & Course Race “Margarita Wild-Winds”
2nd in Slalom & Course Race “Campeonato Nacional, Venezuela”
1997: 5th in Slalom & Course Race “Margarita Wild-Winds”

Name: Astrid Muldoon
Nick name: Cloony
Sail No: F 002
Nationality: German, but living in France since October 2000
Birthday: May 17th in Germany
Weight: 55 kg
Size: 158 cm
Windsurfing since: 1992
Disciplines: Waves-Freestyle-Super Cross
Profession: Professional Windsurfer in the World Cup since 2005
date of birth: 17th of may on a nice sunny day in Germany
nationality: German
sponsors: Neil Pryde, JP-Australia, Roxy, PatLove, Select, Bollé, GS Mers-les-Bains

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