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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nikki Fuller

Nikki Fuller (born 23 January 1968) is an American professional female bodybuilder and actress. At her largest, Fuller weighed 200 lb (91 kg) and her biceps measured 18 in (457 mm).

Some of her best lifts include 275 lb (125 kg) for 10 reps on bench press, 135 lb (61 kg) for multiple reps on dumbbell curls, and 1,200 lb (544 kg) for multiple reps on leg press.

Fuller was born in 1968 in Dayton, Ohio and moved with her family to Gresham, Oregon when she was 10. She was raised in the Pacific Northwest, and became interested in sports while attending Gresham High School. Fuller competed in Track and Field and, by the time she graduated in 1986, she was also the Water Polo State Champion.

Acting career
In 1999, Fuller shifted her attention away from bodybuilding for the first time in eleven years and set her sights on Hollywood. She relocated to Los Angeles and subsequently landed roles on television shows including Ally McBeal, Arli$, Just Shoot Me!, and Nikki, as well as the movies Body of Evidence, Chrome Soldiers, and Brainsmasher. She was also seen in a Right Guard Extreme commercial with Dave Chappelle.

Playing sports, Fuller realized that she was exceptionally strong and after high school decided to focus on bodybuilding. Working out at a local gym, Fuller began training and quickly transformed herself, adding 20 lb (9 kg) to her 123 lb (56 kg) frame.

Bodybuilding career
The first contest she entered was the 1988 Novice Oregon and won first place. After her Novice Oregon win, Fuller set her sights on bigger contests and took third place in the 1988 Emerald Cup, a contest she would come back to win the following year. Fuller turned pro after winning the heavyweight and overall titles at the 1990 National Physique Committee Nationals.

Contest history
* 1988 Novice Oregon – 1st
* 1988 Emerald Cup – 3rd
* 1989 Emerald Cup – 1st
* 1989 Bill Pearl Classic – 1st
* 1989 Pacific Coast – 1st
* 1989 Emerald Cup – 1st
* 1989 Orange County Classic – 2nd
* 1990 NPC USA Championship – 2nd (HW)
* 1990 IFBB North American – 2nd (HW)
* 1990 IFBB World Amateurs – 3rd (HW)
* 1990 NPC Nationals – 1st (HW & Overall)
* 1991 Jan Tana Classic – 8th
* 1991 Ms. International – 7th
* 1992 Jan Tana Classic – 1st
* 1992 Ms. Olympia – 9th
* 1993 Ms. Olympia – 14th
* 1995 Ms. International – 6th
* 1996 Jan Tana Classic – 7th
* 1997 Ms. International – 10th

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