online marketing women profile: June 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Leslie Porterfield

Since her teenage years (she started to ride at 16) she is hooked on motorcycles because of the bikes, of course, but also because she likes the people she meets in our industry. She is now 32, lives and work in Dallas where she is the owner of a used bikes shop called High Five Cycles. She came for the 1st time to the Bonneville Salts in 2007, racing on a 02 Hayabusa. For her 1st world record tentative, she crashed at more than 100 mph, was airlifted by helicopter from the Salts still unconscious and returned home with a punctured lung and broken ribs…

In 2008, she came back and got not less than 3 Land Speed Records! Fastest woman in the world on 2 wheels at 232 mph, production class record holder at 192 mph, “1350 cc with no fairing” bike class record holder at 209 mph. In addition, she was the 1st woman ever to enter the exclusive 200+ mph Club and AMA named her Female Rider.

It was on the last day that the Salts were in the best condition for LSR’s. In the class “New 1350 cc Altered Partially Streamlined Blown fuel” Leslie Porterfield did a pass at 240 mph and her return at 228 mph slowed down by a blistered tire (the tire didn’t blow out!) due to intense wheel spin. At the last minute, Richard Assen who held the previous record at 227 mph rushed on the track and did 2 passes at 230 mph to establish a new record at 236 mph.

On the last day, her top speed entering the mile was 246.6 mph, but on the return run she lost speed toward the end. due to overheating from wheel spin but, fortunately, the tire didn’t blow out!. At the Award Ceremony on Thursday evening Leslie, for her record breaking run at 240+ mph received the Top Time Award, a trophy that no woman has ever won before her…For the 2010 season she looks for a couple of new sponsors. Anyone? Leslie Porterfield At High Five Cycles

A look at her a ccomplishments and records-
* Top Time on a sit on Motorcycle Award from the 2009 BUB Speed Trials at 240mph.
* First Woman on a conventional motorcycle in the Bonneville 200mph Club.
* 2008 AMA Female Rider of the Year.
* Women's Spirit Award 2008 BUB Speed Trials
Records set
* SCTA 1350cc M-BF 209.046
* AMA and FIM 2000cc MPS-BF 232.522mph
* AMA and FIM 1000cc P-P 192.930
* AMA 1350cc APS-BF 234mph