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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jaime Diamonds

Jaime Diamonds is the Captain of the Philly Passions Lingerie Football Team. Diamonds is a 4 Sport Varsity Letter Holder & Graduate of Ewing High School. You can catch her in action this Fall under the Friday Night Lights at Sun National Bank Center in Trenton NJ.

In high school she competed in most of the major varsity sports available to girls. Softball, basketball, soccer, and swimming kept her busy all year round. There was no such thing as an off-season in the Diamonds’ household. Jaime had something to prove.

At 5-feet, 1-inch, Jaime Diamonds does not have the physical stature that most major college coaches actively recruit. College scholarship offers weren’t filling up her mailbox. She hoped that she could play softball at Rutgers, but it didn’t work out.

Her career in competitive athletics was over. Like Rocky, she thought she was cleaning out her locker for good. She thought she was done.

But then, 21 years after her accident, she got one last shot. Philadelphia was getting another professional sports team and it was looking for players. Rocky had his Apollo Creed, and now Jaime had the LFL.

She jumped at the chance. She drove five hours to go to try-outs. She did the drills. She worked hard and got in the best shape of her life. At training camp she was outperforming women 9 years her junior. She not only made the team, she became a starting cornerback. And then she earned a spot on the offense as well.

Now Jaime Diamonds has something to prove, and she’s proving that she can play professional tackle football.

Her team lost that game against Miami when a late-game holding penalty set Philadelphia back on their own side of the field, giving Miami an opportunity to regroup and insert Kiki Toombs – yes, that Kiki Toombs – as a middle linebacker to track Lusby in the backfield. Toombs fought through a block to stop Lusby short of a first down. Miami got the ball back and went on to win.

LFL's Jaime Diamonds from the Philadelphia Passion!
29 years old
Ewing, New Jersey
United States

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