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Monday, March 29, 2010

Claudia Magni

Claudia Magni is an Argentinean body builder, South American Champion, and one of the most massively developed musculatures in the world, endowed with a phenomenal strength.
her hight is 5'4" and weighs in at 195lbs and this is in top condition so off season she is even heavier and bigger. At top condition she has 17" biceps and 18" calves with 27+" quads.
She is also a bodybuilding champion with several championships under her belt. She has immense strength and can benchpress 310lbs, 380 in the deadlift, 400 in the squat,and curls 65lbs in one hand. She loves to wrestle to win and she especially enjoys posing muscle worship showing off her enormous muscles, and also loves lifts and carries, playful submission, fantasy domination, and will explore all aspects of this great industry of ours.She is very fond of animals and loves her dog, and motorbiking. During her teen years she was a great athlete and threw the discuss, javelin, shot hammer, and ran the 100 meters.

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